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Designed for the newer agent to get up and running as quickly as possible.
FREE to all NEW agents with Georgia Evans Realty.


Learn how to take care of your clients once you get them.


Everything you need to know about listings, the MLS and Marketing.

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Tons of Forms, Videos and Instructions to Set You Up for a Successful Career

Statistics show that 87% of new Realtors get out of the business in the first 2 years. Many of them wander aimlessly through the halls of their brokerage having no idea where to start, what to do daily and what systems and tools to use. This program was designed with new Realtors in mind. I will show you some simple and mostly FREE programs and ideas to get you going. I have included forms, step by step instructions, training videos and more content than you will find in most Brokerages! I am around Realtors everyday. I see what they need and provide it for them. You don’t have to stay stuck or not even be able to get off the ground.

I have been in the real estate business since 1987. I truly believe if any information like this had been available to me starting out, it would have been much simpler for me and I could have avoided a lot of distractions and drama. Your real estate career is entirely up to you. With this information, and implementation, you can get where you want to be so much faster!  Every new Realtor needs this information!

Georgia Evans

Program Creator

If you are licensed with Georgia Evans Realty, ALL of the modules are provided FREE to new Realtors ®.
You will also receive my 12 step audio program to help further your career!
I will also provide an extensive list of suggested reading, podcasts and other coaching programs to help you!

What is "Farming Real Estate"?

Farming Real Estate is my Signature Program. This training is extensive. This is not the expected, “farming neighborhoods”. I have developed this material working 36 years in the Real Estate business. This one program contains 9 Modules, Bonus Sessions, Videos, Worksheets, Checklists, Templates and over 240 pieces of information to Help You in Your Real Estate Career. All of this is available online to new REALTORS® with Georgia Evans Realty. (None of the links below on this page are working links.) See all courses available.

01. Laying the Groundwork

Here you will find the housekeeping items that need to be taken care of before you get started in the real estate business.
20 Topics

02. Gathering Seeds

In this module you will learn systems that will help you and what tools you will need to start out with.
22 Topics

03. Sowing Seeds

Here we will lay the foundation and develop daily habits that will help make things much smoother when we start with clients.
31 Topics

04. Cultivating Buyers

From the questions you ask, to what you present to buyers, showing property, client appointments, and inspections, this module is jammed packed with information to help every Realtor.
30 Topics

05. Cultivating Sellers

We will learn how to prepare sellers, how to present a listing presentation, how to give market data, do comparable sales and see a seller net sheet. Tons of information to help you win listings!
30 Topics

06. Nurturing Your Crops

Now that you're up and and going, we'll show you how to get repeatable business and continue with your success with current clients and future clients.
20 Topics

07. Rapid Growth

Here you will learn some proven ideas to grow your business FAST.

08. Pest Control

As in any business there are pesky little things that can get in the way. We will show you how to get ahead of potential issues & stay on top of your business.

09. Harvest Time

Here you will learn some new skills that you can use to enhance your experience with your clients and show them what a pro you are.
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